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About us

Afrobizz is a digital platform based on the concept of network marketing and brewing in its basket a set of mobile application utilities and HTML5 website allowing you to make money with zero investment. Our goal is to enable people to progress through solutions that promote entrepreneurship, and to improve lifestyles... read more
Our MISSION is to help the African community in general and the young people in particular that we have set up thanks to the NICT digital platforms making it possible to earn money with zero investment. It is by helping individuals achieve their goals and lead a better life, through a combination of entrepreneurial opportunities and services based on the digital economy to improve the quality of life, that we exist... read more
Our VISION is to become the global leader in the digital economy as part of the viral services offerings, while taking advantage of this position to have a positive influence on the development of sustainable and professional network marketing communities in the African continent... read more


Join the network

Join a network of more than 1000 people, it's totally free and it will remain so.

Create your relational tree

Invite people to join us, because the more people there are in your tree the more money you earn.

Working independently

Thanks to a flexible system, you are free to work when you want in your lost hours.

Make money fast

By joining our network, you earn money without moving with zero investment.

How it works ?

Program description

An interesting opportunity for you: It's very easy! As an affiliate, either you have brought clients who will use our services, or you will refer your referrals to one of the services offered by Afrobizz (Afrocars Service, Afrohotels Service, AfricaMegashop Service, etc ...) By Hypertext links on through the website or mobile app so they can open an account on the platform for prospecting and selling our services. So you will earn money quickly and you will earn money from your downline and downline godchildren up to six levels deep! Your winnings will be deposited directly and instantly into your account. Each time one of your downlineers makes a sale, you will receive a percentage of the fees collected by directly and instantly deposited into your or orange money or mtn mobile money account,…

  • The Service Provider and the buyer are recruited by you
  • The Supplier is recruited by you and the buyer by another person
  • The Buyer is introduced by you and the Contractor by another person


  • Level 1: your direct sales
  • Level 2 to Level5: sales made by your downline.
  • The Service Provider is recruited by you and the buyer by another member

In this case, the earnings to be distributed are divided between two business contributors, you and the second member of the network.


  • Level 1: your direct sales
  • Level 2 to Level5: sales made by your downline.

Opportunity to be seized

Some of us simply dream of paying their monthly bills without having to wonder if they will. Others want to help their family, friends or community intelligently. And of course, which of us has never dreamed of working and making money without stress? These dreams can come true! Provided to choose the right sector of activity and work hard. Thanks to the services offered by Afrobizz with an advantageous compensation plan for network marketing, do not waste time and join us.

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Car rental application

Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, you can easily and quickly reserve a car for your travel.

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Car rental application


Car rental application


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