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About us

Afrobizz is a digital platform based on the concept of network marketing and brewing in its basket a set of mobile application utilities and HTML5 website allowing you to make money with zero investment. Our goal is to enable people to progress through solutions that promote entrepreneurship, and improve lifestyles.

The Afrobizz compassing plan allows ordinary people from all walks of life to start their own business, with zero investment . Through their hard work and dedication, Afrobizz affiliates, known as Independent Affiliates (IAs), have the opportunity to become financially self-sufficient, improving the standard of living of their families and communities, and helping The others to realize their dreams.

At Afrobizz, the people around us are our greatest wealth. The unbounded energy of our distribution network is fueled by the collective aspiration to become financially independent. We are committed to providing our RAs with the tools and training they need to strengthen their understanding of our services and compensation plan, and their personal development.

Mission and Vision

Our MISSION is to help the African community in general and the young people in particular that we have set up thanks to NICT digital platforms to earn money with zero investment. It is by helping individuals achieve their goals and lead a better life, through a combination of entrepreneurial opportunities and services based on the digital economy aimed at improving the quality of life we exist.

Our VISION is to become the global leader in the digital economy as part of the viral services offerings, while taking advantage of this position to have a positive influence on the development of sustainable and professional network marketing communities in the African continent.

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